carrying on with life ?

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

WHOO HOO! shuai nehh !

wahh today go shopping
dunno lehh so weird
only slapped on some loose powder and mascara and i went out le
LOLSS. don't someone love it ?
today go shopping with mummy and ahma!
hahas jeline and shaoming lolss.
super funny sia
went to bugis hehe
fidel bought a top, mummy bought a belt, ahma didnt buy anything
shaoming hao shuai nehh !!! see the photo, see see on top on top
wahh. look so mature le arhh somebody.
lolss. den he wore the blazer thingy with the shirt and stuff
i told jeline wahh wahh, we can go jio him liao !
LOLSS. joking las.
den that salesman in that shop at far east,
AHLARMAK. i really dunno is he working of flirting sia
still say he is 16, dun believe lorhs.
he really look at least 18 lorhs.
lolss. working still wanna take number
can you believe it man.
work work work halfway suddenly turn around and give me his number
den ask for my number
i was like uhh.. omg faints.
aarrgghh. im so tired.
my whole body's aching like mad
WHAT'S HAPPENING !! so painful ! =(
nobody to sayang me also.
i miss him so so so so so much.
just purely miss him so so so much.
i'd love thursday:)
because you live ~

Staring out at the rain with a heavy heart
It's the end of the world in my mind
Then your voice pulls me back like a wake up call
I've been looking for the answer
SomewhereI couldn't see that it was right there
But now I know what I didn't know

Because you live and breathe
Because you make me believe in myself when nobody else can help
Because you live, boy
My world has twice as many stars in the sky

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

monday hmm, go out with felicia wor hahas
actually morning she wanna make cookies at my hse de
but in the end came to my house and talktalk hehe
den afterdat we went shopping wor
bought a top hehe

today morning went to sch wor
actually class from 11-12 de
waliew but that old toad LATE FOR ONE HOUR SIA ! >.<>.<>

jus loved that comfy, close feel.


Friday, November 11, 2005


xiaoxinie was someone i always told my problems to.
xiaoxinie was someone who was there to listen to me patiently
during that horrible period of time.
xiaoxinie was someone who will never go away and avoid me when i say i've got problems
xiaoxinie was someone who always tries to cheer me up when im feeling sad.
xiaoxinie was someone who does crazy things to make me laugh.
xiaoxinie was someone who wanted me to be happy, superduper happy.
xiaoxinie was someone who stop those tears for flowing
xiaoxinie will be alright.
xiaoxinie will still be jumping around after the operation
what low sucess rate, rubbish.
xiaoxinie will always be here for pancakie.
don't you dare walk away.
or else pancakie will be very very sad
xiaoxinie wouldnt want pancakie to be superduper sad right ?
xiaoxinie want pancakie to be super happy de right ?
xiaoxinie will not leave pancakie without anyone to talk to her when she has problems right ?

tomorrow's operation will be a sucess,
xiaoxinie must continue to be sotsot de, always make people happy de
xiaoxinie will be okay, he will be.
wow, so long didnt blog le :)
what have i been up to ?

hmm went to yishun to buy new hp with darling
N70 !!
hehe. wahh but wait very long hor ?
den we went to watch april snow wor
OMG it was like superduper boring
the whole cinema is only occupied with 3 AUNTIES , me & darling
ahlarmaks the movie was like AAAHHHHHH. boring
but hehe we made it exciting hor, darling? *winks*

super duper fun nehh ! hehe
ok i blogged about this already, jus rmb-ed =,="
but jus to update some of the photos we took dat day
just got it from shellchi

fidel playing pool
mooie , oinkie , bunnie >.<

made shepherd pie for darling orhh
hehe den afterdat went to his place
hehe so sweet

hmm went to sentosa with doggie
wahh but i sick >.<>
AARRHH T-T down with gastric flu,
vomit vomit vomit wahh feeling horrible

hehe today jason de birthday
den darling pei me go celebrate with him
go play pool lor wahh siann nehh owaes play pool de !! >.<
den afterdat meet leon de friends wor hmm
hahas WU GUI XIAN !!
so funny *giggles*
cos actually meet to go watch ocean's concert together de
den afterdat we saw the queue
omg so long
den we gave away the tickets to
den in the end we went to watch tom- yum-goong
den his friends go k-box ahlarmaks

fourteen14FOURTEEN4teen months lo !!!!
today i 7 am wake up lo !!!
then cannot sleep le >.<

wake up le cant slp VERY TIRED LEH !
BUT ! still cant slp =,=
den i make cookie nors
waliew 7am make cookies
i think i abit kuku le aiyo
den afterdat went to darling de sch pei him during his breaktime wor !
hehehe darling bought starburst gummi for me !
hehe and wonka caramel bars
ahlarmaks the day before,
i bought exactly the same chocolate bars for darling
darling bought it on the same day as i did
hehe i think darling in sch too lonely le
hehe *smuggled* me into his lecture, go "TAN BAN ! " >.<>
den after lecture we went to watch emily rose
wwhhoo. hehe ok la hehe
so sweet darling hugged me and watch

awww :)

den darling send me home
hehe den go home bath le
so tired wor,
darling told me to drink milk before orhorh den make myself slp
drink le, lie on bed then doze off le
darling called me at 1am o.O
i was like zzz.. darling say alot sweet thingy orhh
but only half go in nehh

1111'o5 so boring wor
wake up at 8 again
cant go back to sleep le ;(
hmm stayed in bed for awhile den
woke up ate cereals with milk
den go online hmm
billy very nice wor :)
very very very nice wor
thankiew thankiew thankiew wor !
='( but dun sad sad le wor
or else i wanna cry again le
don't be envious of other couples le
she wanted you to share your love with your next most beloved girl de :)
sssooo.. grab a new girl !
omg, i think i sound so mean..